Bedroom to Boardroom

Born from friends' and families' insatiable appetite for help with all things technology, Ash Cohen and Paul Bryner recognised an opportunity to provide boutique and personal technology-based support services in their local area.

From its early days running from Ash's bedroom, Tech Head identified itself as a young, dynamic and driven team, with a minimal and clean corporate image. Initially focused on servicing residential customers with small-scale environments, Tech Head's services quickly transcended the residential space through home-offices to the small-business and corporate space.

In approaching the corporate space with the same philosophy of personalised and boutique service, Tech Head has strengthened its market position as a provider of end-to-end, holistic solutions from small-scale residential to large-scale enterprise.

Through the development of three integral business units - Solutions, Creations and Communications - Tech Head now has the ability to offer a diverse portfolio of specialised and complimentary solutions. With group-level project and sales resources, by employing a unique consulting philosophy and discovery process, Tech Head is able to thoroughly assess one's requirements and deliver the most effective and efficient outcome.


Tech Head approaches information consulting in a unique manner. Developed by combining a spectrum of consulting frameworks and experience, the Tech Head approach is defined as Holistic Information Consulting. This implies a vertical approach with the emphasis placed on information resources, flows, processes and procedures. By defining a holistic goal, all facets of information flow within a business are considered and a complete analysis of systems can be achieved.

With a focus on providing streamlined, tailored, vertical solution, Tech Head aims to deliver its services in easily digested language and with client requirement as the driving force.

Unlike a traditional IT vendor, whose focus is simply hardware and software, Tech Head carefully analyses clients' internal processes, procedures and existing systems to determine a sound, effective and efficient strategy for information processing. Consideration is made for business critical applications, business continuity and data security, to ensure that those system elements that are most important to you remain available when you need them.

Tech Head maintains partnerships with a selection of worldwide industry leaders such as Microsoft, Dell, Amazon and Commander. This ensures that solution portfolios available are well-supported, industry-standard and future-proof. Additionally Tech Head's resources are certified by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and VMware.

Tech Head enables you to focus on what you do best, leaving the considerations, stressors and challenges of maintaining technology to the experts. Outsourcing IT resources to Tech Head gives your business access to a diligent, experienced and responsible knowledge base that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Rapid response is key to maintaining customer satisfaction and with support available by e-mail, remote assistance or phone, in addition to on-site service; Tech Head ensures that help is never far away.


To align our philosophy across business units and cultivate cooperation between those units, we chose to define our mantra under a common set of goals:

  • To discover through consultation.
  • To empower users through enablement and education.
  • To stay abreast of the latest trends and provide customers access to cutting-edge but proven technologies.
  • To become "master"� and not "jacks" of all trades, through specialised business units.
  • To engage our collective knowledge and experience to deliver the most dependable outcomes.

Charity initiatives / Charities we support

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (

Tech Head has been a business support partner of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation since 2011, providing subsidised technology support and consulting to the foundation on an ongoing basis.

The cause of ovarian cancer remains largely unknown. A small percentage of cases (5-10%) are attributed to genetics, however, other causes are mainly speculative and are only shown to mildly increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Therefore, the causes of ovarian cancer are being research in an aim to prevent the onset of ovarian cancer.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation's mission includes:

  1. The development and implementation of an early detection program for ovarian cancer.
  2. Improving the mortality rate, management and long-term survival of women with ovarian cancer.
  3. Gaining a fundamental understanding of the causes of ovarian cancer.

Telco-Together Foundation (

Tech Head is a friend of the Telco Together foundation. Through donations and planned participation in the 2015 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Climb, Tech Head is proud to be a part of Telco Together's activities that provide support to Australian communities in need - the homeless, those suffering mental health issues, youth, refugees and indigenous communities.


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